A web application aimed at providing motivation and encouragement to people living with Coronary Heart Disease.


I designed and built this web application as part of a Masters Degree programme. The aim of the application was to provide a platform that motivated and encouraged people living with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) into making lifestyle changes through the use of community involvement and participation.

The primary purpose of the application is to allow members of the site to create local workout activities that the wider community can join. Members can log their progress within an activity which is then visualised in their personal dashboard. An achievements system helps motivate members in their workouts allowing gold, silver and bronze ‘heart’ badges to be awarded to members once a certain level of achievement has been reached.

Members can also monitor the status of their local group by following members and leaving comments. This provides a platform where users can provide words of encouragement to other members.

UI/UX Design
Responsive Design
Application Development


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