About me

Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, I’m a dedicated and highly-motivated web professional with over 15 years design and development experience, specialising in PHP and Laravel driven websites. Experienced in object-oriented programming and agile methodologies to provide scalable, maintainable backend systems and delivering compelling visuals with responsive, modular frontend code.


I started my career working for the BBC as a Graphic Designer specialising in the production of 3D animations and the creation of multimedia elements. Having mastered these skills I moved into the area of Interactive Design creating user interfaces for various CD-ROM applications and websites for both the BBC and Open University. Here I learnt how to work within a development team to provide the digital assets required by projects whilst also collaborating with producers and academics to ensure the project met the requirements of the brief.

Following 5 years at the BBC, I decided to use my skills in order to work freelance in the area of interactive design and development. I produced interactive websites and resources from initial concepts and prototypes to final product using both Adobe Flash/ActionScript and HTML/CSS/JavaScript platforms. Working directly with clients I was able to deliver bespoke design solutions and interactive applications for a wide variety of industries, ranging from educational institutions to financial organisations.

As my passion for web development technologies has grown I have become increasingly more focused on both frontend and backend development, specialising in the development of PHP based systems using object-oriented design and agile methodologies to produce clean, maintainable code that provides the tools needed by clients to deliver their services.

I am highly adaptable and driven by learning. I have built up a long list of skills over the many years working as a web professional which allows me to offer a complete online solution to businesses or cater to larger organisations that require specific services. My main strength is in the way I can turn my hand to pretty much any tool, language or system in both backend and frontend development. I thrive on the challenge of taking on something new and delivering to a high standard.


  • BA (Hons), Interactive Systems Design
    Awarded: 1st Class
  • MSc, Computer Science
    Awarded: Distinction (Outstanding)


  • Design

    • UI/UX Design
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Responsive Design
    • Client-Side Optimisation
  • Development

    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Test Driven Development
    • Version Control
    • Automated Deployment
    • API Integration
  • Infastructure

    • Server Provisioning
    • Cloud Web Hosting
    • Domain Management


  • Frontend

    • HTML
  • Backend

  • Software

What I do